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Nueces STAR Provider Directory
(updated 07/15/2015)
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(updated 07/15/2015)
Hidalgo STAR Provider Directory
(updated 07/15/2015)
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Driscoll Health Plan offers services through "managed care", where members choose a health plan and its network of doctors. You will pick one doctor from our list to be you / your child's Primary Care Provider (PCP).

This doctor will make sure that you / your child gets the right care that includes:

  • Giving you / your child's regular checkups.
  • Writing prescriptions for medicines and supplies when you / your child is sick.
  • Telling you if you / your child should see a specialist.

STAR/CHIP Drug List (Formulary)

The following link contains a list of drugs that are covered under your benefits and can help your provider make decisions on what drug to prescribe.
Texas Medicaid/CHIP Vendor Drug Program
Coverage Area:
Type of Coverage:
Spanish Available:
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Primary Care Provider
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